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What Is Home Usability?

Imagine a home where you can come and go as you wish. A home where you have the ability to dress, eat, and bathe independently. A home where you feel safe, secure, and at ease. A home where you can host and entertain friends and family. A home where you have access to the things you need and control over your life. A home where you belong! This describes a usable home. It is a home that fits your needs, desires and abilities and allows you to make choices and be in control.

Making choices

You are the best expert about your needs. Others may be able to help you get what you need, but they can’t tell you what you need. The Home Usability Program can help you decide about needs in your home that may help you do what you want to do every day.  From start to finish, you will have choices and you will control how your usability project gets done.

“Independent Living is not about doing things by yourself, but about being in control over how they are done.”

–Judy Heumann (IL Advocate)

What can I do?

Your job is to decide what you need and find the resources and supports to get your needs met.  This is called self-advocacy.  Here are three tips for being a good self-advocate:

  • Know what you need: Sometimes we need help identifying our needs. This program can help you identify your home usability needs.
  • Trust yourself: The key to having control is making your own choices. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get help and advice from others. Others can help you learn about choices and provide advice. Then, you must trust yourself to make the decision.
  • Ask questions: Remember to ask questions. Asking questions can help you understand your needs are and can help you feel confident about making decisions. If you don’t understand something, or need more information before making a decision…ASK!

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