Implement a Home Usability Program

Home usability is a journey, not a destination. Starting a new program at your organization takes time, organizational buy in, and a commitment to building community relationships. Here we will cover the core components of implementing a home usability program at your center. Keep in mind, every organization and community is different and the information shared here is just a guide. Take what works, leave the rest, and do what works for your community!

Assessing organizational support

Having internal organizational support for implementing Home Usability is vital. This section provides information on communicating to leaders in your organization what is needed to develop a successful program focusing on staffing, and timelines.

Building community resources and support

Identifying not only what resources are available in your community but also what your relationships are to those resources is necessary to ensuring your program is successful and sustainable. In this section we will highlight the wide range of potential community partners that may be able to help support the development of a Home Usability Program at your center.

Funding Home Usability

Identifying and developing sources of funding to support consumers with home usability is a core element of the program and one of the most challenging.

Developing procedures and policies

This section covers the nuts and bolts of the day to day activities related to HUP. Again, every organization is unique and will have policy and procedures that fit best within their organizational structure.


Keeping programs going is a critical but challenging task. This section addresses some of the barriers to program sustainability as well as strategies to keeping programs running.

Implementation discussion board

Reach out and connect with other organizations that are working to support home usability in their communities! Post questions, resources, and ideas!