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What Is a Home Usability Network (HUN)?

One of the first steps toward achieving your home usability goal is identifying resources available to you. These resources may be personal, like friends and family who can help, or community based, like a cleaning or home repair service. By identifying and organizing these resources, you develop your own home usability network.

  • Personal resources: financial or material contributions and personal connections (such as family and friends) that can help you achieve your home usability goal.
  • Community resources: businesses (such as hardware stores), organizations (such as Habitat for Humanity) and individuals (such as local contractors) in your community that can help contribute expertise, materials or financing to help you achieve your goal.

The center for independent living will have a list of local community resources. Work with the Community Living Specialist to identify both your own personal resources as well as the appropriate community resources to include in your home usability network.

The CIL and community resources can help, but ultimately you are in control and it is your choice to make improvements to your home. Your enthusiasm, determination, and effort are central to making your home usable and achieving the goals that you set for yourself.

Your home usability program plan has space for you to identify both your personal resources as well as community resources that may be available.  Take a few minutes now to complete this section. Check out the home usability resources page for worksheets and resources that might help.

If you want, record your home usability network members on the Home Usability Resource Worksheet to help keep organized.

Home Usability Work Plan

If you want, you can use the Home Usability Work Plan to outline the steps you need to take to achieve your home usability goal. You will set objectives, assign tasks and set deadlines. Work with the Community Living Specialist to complete the work plan.

Once you have completed your work plan you are ready to start working with your network and addressing your home usability! The Community Living Specialist will help you along the way so be sure to keep in contact and provide updates as you encounter challenges or set backs.

Lets get started making your home more usable for you!