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Now that your network is built, it’s time to put it to work! This section will provide you with resources and guide you through implementing the Home Usability Network to address consumer’s usability needs. Pages within this section:

Cute homeImplementation Overview: This page outline the implementation and research process, introduces the Health and Home Survey, and outlines the roles and responsibilities of the UM research team and the CIL staff.


Two people chatting and completing a checklist on paper and on a laptopHome Visit and the Home Usability Plan: This page discusses how to prepare for a home visit and discusses the details of the home usability plan (HUP). The HUP is available to download on this page.


Working with the HUNMegaphone: This page discusses how different members of the HUN can be involved in a consumer’s home usability plan and how to prepare for a member meeting.


What about Fair Housing?Cute Home: Learn about the Fair Housing Act and how Fair Housing regulations may apply to home usability.



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