How Usable Is My Home?

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Our homes are very important places. We spend a lot of time within our homes and participate in many important life activities in our homes. Feeling frustrated, unsafe, or uncomfortable in your home can affect other aspects of your life beyond the home.

Think about how much energy it takes you to get ready for your day. If you are already exhausted before you have even left the house it may be because your home environment isn’t suited to your needs.

This site is meant to help you start thinking about changes you could make within your home to make sure that it is usable and suitable for you! Below are questions about your home. You might recognize some of these questions from the Health and Home Survey you received in the mail. The results of this quiz will help you pin point where in your home you may have usability problems. These results will also be helpful if you are working with a Center for Independent Living and a Home Usability Network.

Click here for an accessible version of the quiz in Word: Experiences in your Home Quiz

How Satisfied Are You With Your Home?

This is a quiz to see how satisfied you feel about your home and to give you some suggestions on how to move forward.

Does your home score a 60% or lower for any areas of your home? The links below will help you explore these areas in more detail. This will help you identify the specific problems you might be having as well as provide you with some potential solutions.

It is important to recognize that we often adapt our behavior to fit the environment we are in. This can make it difficult to identify potential problems within the home. You may be accustomed to the layout of your kitchen or bathroom and be unaware that using these rooms is more difficult than it needs to be. So feel free to explore all areas of your home and you may be surprised by how some simple changes can really make a difference!




Living room


Storage spaces and cleaning

Once you have explored in more detail the rooms throughout your house and identified problem areas you are ready to start thinking about setting a Home Usability Goal and completing a Home Usability Plan.  Click on the links below to learn more about setting SMART home usability goals and developing your Home Usability Plan.


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