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The information in this section of the website will outline how to organize community resources into a coalition, or network, to help address home usability issues in your community. In its most basic form the Home Usability Network (HUN) is a well-organized and maintained resource list. At its most comprehensive state, the HUN is a coalition of organizations and individuals who share common goals and work together to achieve positive change in the ability of people to make their homes usable. Clink on a link below to start building your HUN!

Get Started

This section provides a basic overview of the Home Usability Network. Click on the link above to learn more about home usability!


This section introduces the main concepts behind usability and outlines the skills necessary for creating and managing a Home Usability Network at your center. Pages within this section cover: What is a Home Usability Network?A Consumer-Directed Process, HUN Facilitation Skills, and Developing Agency Support.


Once you have reviewed the core concepts and skills training found in Prepare, you are ready to create your own Home Usability Network. This section outlines the creation process and provides tips and resources to help build the network. Pages within this section cover: Who Is in the Home Usability Network?Outreach to Potential Members, and Building, Growing, and Maintaining the Network.


Now that your network is built, it’s time to put it to work! This section will provide you with resources and guide you through implementing the Home Usability Network to address a consumer’s usability needs. Pages within this section cover: Implementation Overview,Home Visits and The Home Usability Plan, Working with the HUN,  and What about Fair Housing?