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Coalition Building Resources:

Hints and Tips for Coalition Building (Word version)

Coalition Building For persons with Disabilities

ILRU Resources:

Recruitment Resources:

Why Home Matters-This fact sheet outlines the core values and mission of the project. This will help educate potential members about the usability issues people face in their homes.

Intro to Independent Living-This fact sheet outlines some of the core principles of Independent Living and can help you inform and educate potential members about the values of the project.

Recruitment Tips-This fact sheet provides some tips and suggestions about recruiting and working with volunteers.

Organizations 4-2

Fundraising Fact Sheet 4-2

2011 AHS Factsheet: This fact sheet compiled by the University of Montana and the University of Kansas highlights data from the 2011 American Housing Survey (AHS). The fact sheet shows the high rates of inaccessibility for renters with mobility impairments throughout the United States.

Tailored messages: It is valuable to tailor your recruitment message to your audience. This document provides some concise messaging for different potential members of the HUN.


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